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Because you value the equity that you have built in growing your business, the commitment and reputation you have established with your peers, don’t allow a business dispute, financial crisis, collection call, lawsuit or the consideration of filing for bankruptcy threaten your company! Goldman & Wise has represented business owners for twenty-four (27) years. We’ve assisted companies that are facing a financial crisis, cash flow problems, and/or a business disputes with their vendors, banks, leasing company’s and/or landlord tenant disputes. With our professional intervention we will assist your company in a successful resolution by negotiating and structuring a favorable financial settlement that in most cases should save your company over 40% to 80% of the original claim. Leverage your time and expertise in other functions of your company and allow our firm that specializes in debt management/financial crisis management/ corporate turnarounds to represent you. If you are interested in resolving your financial matters expeditiously and avoiding the cost of going to court, consider our services. To learn how Goldman & Wise can support your company and resolve your problem, call our office today. Or simply complete our form highlighting a quick overview of your problem and one of our consultants will contact you immediately. All calls and inquiries are strictly confidential.