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Business Owners Can Settle Past Due Invoices And Vendor Supplier Disputes Quickly.
The Best Defense Is A Great Offense:
Regardless of what your financial challenges are we strive to understand our clients needs. We are dedicated to providing the most practical financial solutions to protect and grow your business in today’s bumpy financial times.
While many struggling entrepreneurs overcome their problems, survive and eventually prosper, too many small business owners fail. In their wake, they leave vanished hopes, lost investments, destroyed aspirations and unpaid creditors. It is far too often that staying in business is far tougher than getting into business With over 24 years of business turnaround experience Goldman & Wise will implement survival strategies that have helped more than 4,500 financially troubled companies regardless of the type or situation. First salvaging your business takes plenty of hard work, focus, and determination. There is no quick fix. No Business is beyond redemption. You may think that your business cannot be saved, but we have avoided numerous business owners from seeking bankruptcy protection.
With our experience and expertise we incorporate a major advantage with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys.
We can assist your company and negotiate a favorable settlement if your company may be struggling with the following financial challenges:
Financial Crisis Management
Collection Agencies
Mechanic Liens
Attorney Demand Letter For Immediate Payment
Equipment Leases
Business Credit Cards
Judgments (nothing follows)
Since we are not attorneys, you are never charged for consultations, letters, phone calls, paperwork, secretarial fees, or legal work. We are a proactive business turnaround consulting firm operating on a Results -Only- Basis. If we don’t resolve and/or settle your matters to your satisfaction, we don’t get paid – Regardless of what your financial challenges are we strive to resolve our clients needs. We are dedicated to providing the most practical financial solutions to protect and grow your business in today’s bumpy financial times.
For over twenty four (24) years, Goldman & Wise has been helping companies with debt and financial matters. In utilizing our services, you employ a professional services firm that specializes in financial disputes.
Our goal is to save you from the anxiety and entanglements of litigation, or even bankruptcy, by working directly with your creditors to structure a plan that may reduce your debt substantially.
We understand that these matters can be very expensive, time consuming, and a serious diversion from the day to day demands of running your company. Bankruptcy is not necessarily the answer, and it is almost never the best, most practical solution.
At Goldman & Wise, our objective is to help you resolve financial problems cost-effectively, so your money goes to pay your bills, not lawyers. As financial business consultants, we will assist you in exploring every option.
Our staff and suppor t team has over thirty (30) years of experience. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist your company with a solution to your problem
Anyone owning a troubled business can be consumed with stress, fear and even panic. You may question your ability to save the business. You are afraid of defeat, afraid to lose your paycheck and afraid you will lose the family home and your personal assets. You are tired from too many lawsuits, too many unpaid suppliers and too many bounced checks. You are frustrated by endless operating in a twilight world of no cash, no credit, dwindling sales and mounting bills. You do not know where to go or how to get there. Plain and simple, you hurt.
Our goal is to help you through this nerve-wracking maze. Once you see your problems more clearly and gain a fresh positive outlook, you will bail out your business with a new determination and purpose. Any troubled business Can find success by finding the right solution. Having a plan and implementing that plan correctly is important.
If you own a business and you find yourself asking, Am I losing money?, am I up to my neck in bills? Is my business giving me headaches? Then give us a call. We will welcome the opportunity to helping you get back on track.

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